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Do you think this is a good debut single for the Bathroom Cats?

Written by Di
Music arrangements by Bathroom Cats
(Sing to the tune of "Breathe" by Michelle Branch)

I've been singing in the shower/And talking to my soap/It says that I'm really stinky/And need to brush my teeth/So just give me one good advice/Tell me how to be clean/'Cause I don't wanna waste another moment/Smelling like poop and pee/And I take it just a little bit/I hold my breath and take a bath/I've been waiting forever to be clean/If I just clean myself up everyday/And wash all dirt away/Clean/Wash my body everyday/Oh, yay/Everything will smell good/If I just clean...

It's not done yet so feel free to add to the song. *muehehehe*

Best wishes,

PS---Happy New Year!!!:)
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